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Food Security Issues in Somalia

By: Kyle J. Shimek

This knol analyses the food security issues faced by Somalia, currently facing a massive humanitarian crisis around the ongoing drought and famine in the Eastern horn of Africa.


The Nixon Shock

The Consequences of the Collapse of the Bretton Woods Monetary System

On 15 August 1971, US President Nixon announced that the US would be going off the gold standard, bringing an end to the international monetary policy created at the Bretton Woods Monetary and Financial Conference in July 1944. The effects of Nixon’s announcement were wide-reaching and became known as the Nixon Shock. This knol looks at the effects of the collapse of the Bretton Woods monetary system.

List of Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

By: Kyle J. Shimek

This is a current (as of 1 April 2011) list of Contract Research Organizations (CROs), including clinical, pre-clinical, and other clinical service providers. It is the largest collection of it’s kind in the world.

Apologies for the formatting, as it is difficult to format a spreadsheet of this magnitude into an easy-to-read knol.

This list is to be used as an educational tool only and is NOT intended to be used for commercial purposes. If you would like to use this list in a purely non-commercial way, you are welcome to, provided you credit the list’s author (Kyle J. Shimek)