List of Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

By: Kyle J. Shimek



This is a current (as of 1 April 2011) list of Contract Research Organizations (CROs), including clinical, pre-clinical, and other clinical service providers. It is the largest collection of it’s kind in the world.

Apologies for the formatting, as it is difficult to format a spreadsheet of this magnitude into an easy-to-read knol.

This list is to be used as an educational tool only and is NOT intended to be used for commercial purposes. If you would like to use this list in a purely non-commercial way, you are welcome to, provided you credit the list’s author (Kyle J. Shimek)


  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
1 Company Website Description Country State City Clinical/ Pre-clinical Services Specialty/ Niche Countries Served Regions Served Public/ Private Phases of Research Therapeutic Areas Comments
2 1st Dental Laboratories 1st Dental is the largest dental laboratory group in the UK. With laboratories across the UK our aim is to deliver a full service so that you and your patients are delighted with the results. UK   North Yorks   lab Dental            
4Clinics   Belgium       DM, Safety, Biostats, Med Writing, Reg, scientific communication   Belgium, France, Luxembourg          
4G Pharmacovigilance LLP PVG service provider UK     C PVG, safety              
A+ Science Clinical services; located in Sweden Sweden     C clinical              
A10 Clinical Solutions Clinical Research Company USA NC Cary   Gov’t Gov’t            
Aagami Chicago-based; preclinical, clinical, Phase I – IV, analytics, toxicology USA IL Chicago C/P clinical, preclin              
AAI Pharma Services   USA NC Wilmington                 also known as ZeeCRO, had financial troubles and went out of business/ Pharm-Olam bought section of business remaining
9 Aastrom Research International China China     C clinical              
10  AB Sciex Toxicology, Clinical Laboratories, located in many countries worldwide USA     P/C preclin, clinical              
11  ABC Laboratories, Inc Preclinical USA     P preclin              
12  ABF Pharmaceutical Services Germany Germany                      
13  Abingdon Life Sciences Clinical and Preclinical; Carlsbad, CA and Japan USA CA Carlsbad                  
14  Abridge Monitoring Services in India India                      
15  Absorption Systems ADMET CRO – toxicology, PK studies, absorption, distribution, metabolism of drugs USA PA Exton C clinical              
16  Accell Clinical Research Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia Russia           Russia, Ukraine, Georgia          
17  Accelovance   USA MD Rockville                  
18  Accelsiors   Hungary   Budapest                  
19  Accium Biosciences Bioanalytics USA WA Seattle P preclin              
20  Accovion   Germany   Frankfurt                  
21  Accumedix, Inc CMO, Device services, PM, packaging, Regulatory submissions USA IL Grayslake   Device Medical Devices            
22  Accutest Research Organization India; preclinical and clinical India     C/P clinical              
23  Aclires South America, Asia Burmuda                      
24  ACM Central Laboratory USA NY Rochester                  
25  ACORN CRO   USA TN                    
26  ACR Image Metrix   USA PA Philadelphia                  
27  Acronet Japan Japan                      
28  aCROnordic A/S Nordic CRO Denmark     C clinical              
29  Acrovan South Korea South Korea                      
30  Actimus Bio India India                      
31  ActivaCRO full service CRO in Latin America – Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Uruguay Argentina   Buenos Aires C                
32  Acurian, Inc Patient Recruitment USA PA Horsham                  
33  ADDS (Advanced Drug Development Services) Europe France                      
34  Advanced BioScience Laboratories Preclinical USA MD   P preclin              
35  Advanced Clinical Research (ACR) Idaho and Utah USA Idaho                    
36  Advanced Clinical Research Institute (ACRI) Phase I – IV; based in California USA CA                    
37  Advanced Clinical Services LLC   USA IL Chicago                  
38  Advinus Therapeutics Private Limited   India     P preclin              
39  Aepodia early phase – PM and Consultant Belgium                      
40  Agilent Technologies, Inc Operates in several industries; seems like mostly toxicology and preclinical USA     P preclin              
41  Aginko Preclinical Switzerland     P preclin              
42  AIX Scientifics   Germany                      
43  Aklima Clinical Research Aklima Clinical Research (ACR) is a Pakistan based CRO committed to excellence in the field of Clinical Research. Pakistan                      
44  Akos Pharmacovigilance Provider USA NC Durham C clinical, PVG              
45  Akrios BioDevelopment International Virginia; very small USA VA                    
46  Albuquerque Clinical Trials (ACT) has Facilities for clinical trials in New Mexico USA NM                    
47  AlcheraBio Veterinary CRO; owned by Argenta USA NJ                    
48  Alembic   India                      
49  Aliora Altiora is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) which operates primarily in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia and the other countries of the Southeast Europe. Croatia   Zagreb C     Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia          
50  Alliance Research Group Specializes in CNS; patient recruitment, clinical services, based in Richmond, VA USA VA Virginia                  
51  Allied Research International Full Service CRO; Offices in Toronto and Miami Canada ON Toronto                  
52  Allphase   USA NJ Iselin                  
53  AlphaGenesis Incorporated (AGI) Medical research lab – primates USA SC Yemassee P Primates, preclin, animal testing Primates preclinical            
54  Alquest, Inc Medical Devices, Regulatory, EDC, Stats, Clinical USA MN Minneapolis C Device, clinical Medical Devices            
55  Althian SMO SMO (Site-Management Organization) – Althian is a Site Management Organization located in northern Mexico whose sole purpose is to support the successful outcome of clinical trials for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. Mexico NL Monterrey   SMO              
56  Alticure Research India India                      
57  Altiora Croatia Croatia                      
58  Altree Healthcare India India                      
59  Amarex   USA MD Germantown                  
60  Amarex Clinical Research CRO based in Maryland USA MD                    
61  American International Clinical Research & Development (AICRD) China China                      
62  American Scitech International Phase I and Regulatory only USA NJ Piscataway                  
63  AML Clinical Services Belgium Belgium                      
64  Anabase New Jersey USA NJ                    
65  Anapharm Part of PharmaNet based in Canada Canada                      
66  Andurihl Medical Writing CC Medical Writing South Africa   Cape Town   Med Writing, Protocol Dev., Reporting, Patient Diary, Clinical trial design              
67  ANTAEA Medical Services partnered with Atlas; serves Greece, Cyprus Greece     C clinical              
68  APCER Pharma APCER Pharma provides comprehensive drug safety, regulatory services and risk management programs to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and consumer products companies. APCER continues to deliver on-time services to its customers in the US, Europe and Asia and it is emerging as the leader in offering ‘right sized’, fully integrated and serviced solutions to the Industry. USA NJ Princeton   PVG              
69  A-Pharma s.r.o. Czech Czech                      
70  Appletree   Switzerland                      
71  Applied Biosystems Mostly Preclinical USA     P preclin              
72  Applied Clinical Intelligence   USA PA Bala Cynwyd                  
73  Applied Healthcare Resource Management (AHRM) Small boutique CRO based in NY USA NY NY                  
74  Apredica Preclinical UK   London P preclin              
75  Aptuit   USA                      
76  Arete Clinical Research Full service CRO based in India and operates in India and USA USA                      
77  Argenta Discovery Ltd PRECLINICAL ONLY; owned by Galapagos UK     P preclin              
78  Argint CEE Hungary   Budapest C clinical   Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Czech Rep., Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro          
79  Aris Global Services: PVG, Monitoring, Drug Safety, Regulatory, Software India                      
80  Arkios BioDevelopment International   USA                      
81  Arrowhead software USA TX Austin                  
82  ARS Clinical Trials subsidiary of Absolute Research Solutions USA                      
83  Ascent Clinical Research Solutions Russia, Eastern Europe Russia                      
84  ASCOPharm France France                      
85  Ashuren Health Sciences regulatory affairs, toxicology, product development, clinical affairs USA AL Hoover                  
86  Asia Global Research (AGR) Thailand Thailand                      
87  Asiatic Clinical Research India India                      
88  ASKA Research   Canada BC Vancouver                  
89  Asklep Japan Japan                      
90  Aspect   UK   Ledbury                  
91  Assign Group Assign is a midsized European Contract  
Research Organisation, with currently 110 employees,  
providing a full range of services in  
clinical research from phase I to IV. Our expertise  
meets development requirements of  
pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.
Germany           Germany, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Chile, Austria          
92  Astrom Research China China                      
93  Astron Research Limited Astron Research Limited, a leading IP oriented pharma contract research organization, is a fast growing Pharma Contract Research Organisation (CRO) with a strong quest to deliver best services to the rapidly growing Healthcare industry and has embarked its presence as a prominent global CRO. 
The Company was established in the year 2001 with an objective to provide prompt and reliable services to Pharma sector worldwide and improve the product quality with the help of Technological Innovations and Upgradations. Astron commenced its UK operations in 2004 for Quality Testing and QP Release of finished formulations and API. This facility is now UK-MHRA approved.
India   Ahmedabad                  
94  Atlantic Life Sciences Phase I and First-in-Man studies; based in Quebec Canada QC                    
95  ATLAS Medical Services Turkey Turkey                      
96  Atuka Ltd Specializes in Parkinson’s research, offices in Canada, UK and China; mostly Preclinical Canada ON Toronto P/C preclin, clinical              
97  Aurum Clinical Research Site Management Organization (SMO) in India India                      
98  Avail Clinical Research   USA FL                    
99  Averion International full-service CRO USA MA Southborough C clinical              
100  Avinex Avinex works in the pharmacological industry, providing clients with a wide range of services relating to medicinal products and study materials. Russia   Moscow       Russia, Ukraine          
101  Avitacor Based in CA ; very small; Avitacor sold its wholly owned clinical research and business development unit in Mexico USA CA                    
102  Aviva Fridman Clinical Trials Aviva Fridman Clinical Trials is an independent CRO (Clinical Research Organization) offering phase I-IV pharmaceutical trial management, with more than 15 years experience of working with prominent international pharmaceutical companies and leading CROs in multiple therapeutic areas, specializing and operating in Israel. Israel   Yahud C clinical, reg, mon, site management, audits              
103  Axio Research works with the govt USA                      
104  AXIS Clinicals India India                      
105  AXON Phase I – IV; Canada, UK, USA USA                      
106  Axon CRO   Czech                      
107  Axon Medchem Axon Medchem BV is a chemistry service platform, spinned-off from Axon Biochemicals BV. Together with Axon Biochemicals BV, it conducts business operations as a contract research organization (CRO) in medicinal chemistry. Netherlands     P preclinical, medicinal chemistry              
108  B&C Group Logistics Belgium                      
109  BASi Lab services; toxicology and assays USA IN West Lafayette P preclin              
110  BBK Patient Recruitment, Rescue USA MA Newton                  
111  Beardsworth full-service CRO USA NJ Flemington                  
112  Belnico   Belarus                      
113  Beltas BELTAS is a Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) and Clinical Trials Technology company founded in New Zealand, with operations also in Australia and Europe New Zealand                      
114  Best Biotek Research Labs Poreclinical and R&D; clinical Data Mgmt India     P preclin              
115  Bio Analytical Research Corporation (BARC) Central Lab USA     P preclin              
116  Bio Reliance Corporation Lab Services for preclin and clinical USA     P/C preclin, clinical              
117  BioAxis Bioaxis DNA Research Centre (BDRC) private limited is a top level CRO in life sciences with a vast range of services in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Clinical Research. India     P preclin, lab, bioinformatics, informatics              
118  Biocancer   Brazil         Oncology            
119  Biocard Research Russia, Germany Germany   Frankfurt C clinical              
120  Biocentrum Polish Preclinical Poland     P preclin              
121  BIOCIUS Lifesciences In Vitro and Lab Services and ADME USA MA   P preclin              
122  BioClin Health Care BioClin Health Care provides patient infusion, injection and self-injection teaching services in private clinic settings throughout BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Canada BC Richmond C clinical              
123  BioClinica   USA PA Newtown                  
124  Biocult BV (The Netherlands) CMO Netherlands     P preclin              
125  BioFocus (USA) Preclinical and R&D Services only – NO clinical USA     P preclin              
126  Biofortis (Silliker) Nutrition France       Lab, Nutritional studies Nutrition            
127  BioKinetic Europe   Ireland   Belfast C clinical   Ireland, UK Western Europe     gynecology, pain, rheumatology, cardiology, diabetes, vaccines  
128  Biomapas Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia Lithuania                      
129  Biometrix Services and other USA MA Beverly                  
130  Biomonitor Biomonitor A/S is a rapidly growing Danish biotechnology company. We are a leader in theranostics and combine the development of innovative and proprietary clinical bioassays with the capabilities of a state-of-the-art clinical reference laboratory Denmark   Copenhagen P PK, PD, immunogenicity, Mon, assay   Denmark          
131  BIOP AG Switzerland Switzerland                      
132  BioPharma Services Inc Toronto, ON Canada Canada ON Toronto                  
133  BioRASI Clinical Research full-service CRO, small, based in Hollywood, Florida with offices in LA, Moscow, and Mumbai India USA FL Hollywood                  
134  Biosen Group Phase II – IV facility USA CA Newport Beach C clinical              
135  Bioskin Germany, dermatology Germany                      
136  BioSoteria From strategic risk management consulting services and full-service drug safety operational capabilities to world-class award winning pharmacovigilance training and education programs, BioSoteria supports your company’s efforts to maximize your product’s benefit-risk profile. USA CA Emeryville C clinical, PVG              
137  BioStat International (BSI)   USA FL Tampa                  
138  Biotoxtech Co., LTD   South Korea     P preclin, toxicity, safety              
139  Biotrial   France                      
140  Biotrofix PRECLINICAL ONLY USA MA Waltham P preclin              
141  Biovail Contract Research   Canada                      
142  Biovantix   Bulgaria   Sofia                  
143  Blue Sky Biotech   USA                      
144  Boston MedTech Advisors Market analysis, BD, Regulatory affairs, clinical trial services/consulting, financial support USA MA Dedham                  
145  BPI Service Gmbh – Pooling Project Pharmacovigilance Pharmacovigilance Provider Germany     C clinical, PVG              
146  Bradstreet Clinical Research   USA                      
147  Bri Biopharmaceutical Research Bioanalytics, In Vitro Canada                      
148  Bright Pharmaceutical Services   USA CA Sherman Oaks                  
149  Brilliance   Poland   Kraków                  
150  Burleson Research Technologies (BRT) RTP, North Carolina, mostly pre-clinical, toxicology, some POC, clinical trials USA NC RTP                  
151  Business & Development Life Sciences (B&D Group)   Belgium                      
152  C&R Research   South Korea                      
153  Calvert Laboratories, Inc (USA) preclinical only USA     P preclin              
154  Camargo Pharmaceutical Services   USA OH Cincinnati                  
155  Cambridge Biomedical   USA MA Boston                  
156  Cantest PRECLINICAL only Canada BC   P preclin              
157  Cape Cod Clinical Research, Inc (CCCRI)   USA MA Hyannis   Gov’t, Auditing, Monitoring, Training Gov’t            
158  Carolinas Research Associates   USA NC                    
159  Catalyst Clinical Services India India                      
160  CATO Research   USA                      
161  CCDRD Germany, Phase I – IV, PVG Germany                      
162  CCS Associates   USA                      
163  Cedarburg Hauser Pharmaceuticals CRO and CMO – Hauser is a contract development manufacturing organization (CDMO) USA     P                
164  Celerion Formerly MDS Pharma Services USA NE Lincoln C                
165  CEMO France France                      
166  Centralabs Clinical Research, Inc (USA)     USA                      
167  Cepha Czech Czech                      
168  CERB Founded in 1973, CERB has developed to a leading international contract research organization (CRO) in the fields of preclinical pharmacology and toxicology. Taking on the challenges of modern drug development CERB has created its distinctive image of a major service provider to the pharmaceutical industry in the context of innovative biomedical research France       Toxicology         P, I    
169  Cerebricon Preclinical Finland     P preclin              
170  Cerner Consulting and Healthcare; many offices around the world USA                      
171  Certus International   USA MA Bedford C clinical, stats, biostats, dm, med writing, patient, recruitment, QA              
172  Cetero Research Phase II – IV USA NC Cary C clinical              
173  Charles River Laboratories huge company; has been up for sale USA                      
174  Chembiotech Laboratories R&D Services UK                      
175  ChemBiotek India India                      
176  ChemDiv   USA                      
177  ChemSun Works in Asia USA PA Philadelphia C clinical   China Asia        
178  Chiltern   UK                      
179  Chiltern International, Inc (USA)   USA                      
180  Cirion Contract Research Laboratory PRECLINICAL only Canada QC Laval P preclin              
181  CIT preclinical only France     P preclin              
182  Clin Trial Limited CRO founded in 2001 Hungary     C/P clinical, preclin              
183  ClinArt ClinArt International is a Full Service Contract Research Organization (CRO) headquartered in Dubai Health Care City, we bring Clinical Research expertise to the Middle East region in line with local cultures and customs with quality services whereby our cumulative 40+ years International experience as well as our proven track record of successful trials (phase II-IV) since 2001 assures our clients that ClinArt is the right vendor for the MENA region. UAE   Dubai C     Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Middle East        
184  ClinAssure Based in Irvine, CA USA CA Irvine                  
185  ClinAudits   USA NJ Kinnelon                  
186  ClinBay Stats and Consulting Belgium                      
187  Clindatrix Based in Irvine, CA USA CA Irvine                  
188  Clinesian Research Management   USA NJ     PM, Mon, DM, EDC, Med Writing, Safety, PK, QA, Stats, Programming              
189  ClinFinity At CLINFINITY, we are committed to combining the most flexible, innovative and effective solutions that will enhance the productivity and competitiveness of our clients. Our collective industry knowledge enables us to support our client’s goals by improving data quality and accelerating product development. We incorporate a streamlined approach making the best use of each client’s time and resources. Our network of experienced Clinical Research Consultants located across the country provide high quality, regional, cost-effective expertise in Study Design, Clinical Trial Monitoring, Medical Writing, EDC, Trial Coordination, Medical Monitoring, Regulatory Management and Project Management. CLINFINITY consultants are experienced in Medical Device studies, Phase I-IV studies, EDC and OTC Switch studies. In addition, we have extensive knowledge of GCP/ICH guidelines including HIPAA and CFR 11. From Monitoring to QA Auditing, we can assemble a team to meet the most demanding requirements.  We offer our clients the benefits of our extensive clinical trial experience in many therapeutic areas. Based on your requirements, we can provide guidance and leadership for the entire trial process, or provide consultative recommendation on specific aspects of your study. Through our experience, we have gained tremendous insight and trust. We know what it takes to get things done – quickly, cost-effectively and with the best results USA TX Sugar Land C                
190  Clinfocus Research India India                      
191  Clinical Assistance Programs (CAP)   USA                      
192  Clinical Device Group (CDG) Device-focus USA IL Chicago     Medical Devices            
193  Clinical Investigations, Ltd. CEE, Europe Hungary     C mon, data, DM, protocol design, reg, feasibility, PM, PVG, Safety, Stats, EDC   Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Czech, Slovakia CEE        
194  Clinical Research Advantage, Inc. (CRA)   USA AZ Tempe                  
195  Clinical Research Consulting, Inc.   USA                      
196  Clinical Research Development Experts   Poland                      
197  Clinical Research Management (CRM) Clinical Research Management, Inc. (CRM) is a full service Contract Research Organization (CRO) that has been supporting clinical research activities sponsored by the government, academia, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries since 1992. USA OH Hinckley                  
198  Clinical Site Services (CSS) Clinical Site Services (CSS) is a Site Performance Company, focused on managing the trial enrollment process. Through our unique methodology, process and specialized services, we are able to maximize enrollment at the site level— meeting or exceeding timelines within budget. USA MD Glen Burnie C Site managemet              
199  Clinical Solutions International, LLC Medical Device focus USA       device Medical Devices            
200  Clinical Supplies Management, Inc (CSM)   USA                      
201  Clinical Trial Concepts Hong Kong China                      
202  Clinical Trials International   USA CA San Diego                  
203  Clinigene India; Full-service India     C clinical, central lab, med writing, PVG, DM, biostats, reg, bioanalytics, PK   India          
204  Clinilabs Clinilabs is a contract research organization (CRO) that provides early-phase and specialty clinical drug development services to industry. We offer teams, processes, and technology solutions that are designed to serve single center and multicenter early-phase studies – services that can be scaled as needed to meet the requirements of any clinical development program. USA NY New York                  
205  Clinimetrics Part of Omnicare USA                      
206  Cliniminds Cliniminds is an innovative clinical research training institute providing a wide range of clinical trials training solutions to the students, pharmaceutical companies, CROs and healthcare companies globally. India                      
207  ClinInvent Research Pvt, Ltd India India                      
208  Clinipace Clinipace Worldwide, a global digital clinical research organization (dCRO), specializes in fully integrated clinical research services for phase I-IV trials and registries conducted by biopharmaceutical and medical device firms. USA NC Morrisville C PM, Mon, Site Management, Reg, Safety Mon, DM, PK, Site Selection, Med Writing, Device   Argentine, USA, Brazil     I, II, III, IV   Clinipace are a fairly small EDC technology based CRO with about 60 people in North & South America. They are looking to expand and make some acquisitions
209 Clinireach India India                      
210  CliniRx Research India; has a US office India                      
211  Clinitria Central Europe Slovakia                      
212  Clinitude Consulting Belgium                      
213  Clinlogix   USA PA Ambler                  
214  ClinOps DM, Biostats, Clinical Services USA CA San Francisco C clinical              
215  Clinqua   USA CA San Diego                  
216  Clinquest   USA                      
217  Clinres Farmacija Hungarian Hungary                      
218  ClinResearch Monitoring, DM, Biometrics, Medical Writing Germany             MENA, middle east        
219  Clinserv MENA Region, Full Serivice Lebanon   Beirut                  
220  ClinSmart Since 1994, ClinSmart has offered comprehensive clinical development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries in support of projects ranging from IND strategy and submission through Phase I – IV clinical trials. Our services range from clinical plan development, site recruitment / management and data management to drug safety and pharmacovigilance and biostatistics. USA PA Langhorne C                
221  ClinStar Family-owned USA CA San Francisco C clinical              
222  Clinstat Consulting Consulting only USA CA Cardiff by the Sea                  
223  Clinsys   USA NJ Bedminster                  
224  ClinTec International India and UK India                      
225  Clintech Research India India                      
226  Clintegral Clintegral is a Contract Monitoring Organization which provides clinical trial monitoring services for phase II, III and IV studies in India. India     C Monitoring             monitoring only
227 Clintrac International Phase I – IV India   Bangalore                  
228  ClinTrials Research Clintrials Research is a Clinical Trial Management Organization with a unique blend of talent and experience. We offer a complete range of best-in-class clinical trial management services in India in several therapeutic areas to facilitate your success. Our extensive geographic reach, superior infrastructure, committed staff, and scalability enable us to perform varied clinical trials. Most importantly, we accomplish clinical research projects within time and budget while maintaining the highest quality! India     C clinical       Public      
229  Cmed Group   UK   Horsham                  
230  CMIC Company Limited CRO, CMO, and CSO Japan                      
231  Cogtest Inc Cogtest is a specialist cognition CRO providing turnkey solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.  
We provide a study-specific customized and computerized cognitive testing system with electronic data capture and data management. Our unique web-reporting system allows access to data in near real time, enabling remote data monitoring and interim analyses at any point in the trail.
USA DE Newark                  
232  Comac Medical COMAC MEDICAL Ltd is a Full Service CRO/SMO providing a broad network of clinical research sites across South Eastern Europe and in the Baltic region with population of approximately 56 million. Bulgaria   Sofia       Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina (incl. Republic of Srpska), Macedonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia          
233  Commonwealth Biotechnologies PRECLINICAL ONLY USA     P preclin              
234  Comparative Biosciences, Inc Comparative Biosciences Inc., a premier preclinical contract research organization (CRO), is committed to providing expert high-quality contract research services to all sectors of the biomedical community. Extensive experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries provides our staff with a solid track record in preclinical research and drug development capabilities. USA CA Sunnyvale P preclin, Ophthalmology            
235  Comply Services   Belgium                      
236  Concentrics Research   USA IN Indianapolis                  
237  Congenix Russia Russia                      
238  Consortium Clinical Research India India                      
239  Consumer Product Testing Company (CPTC)   USA NJ Fairfield P preclinical              
240  Convergence CT Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Convergence CT develops and markets highly secure patient data warehouse products, query tools, and patient data research analytics for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries. Emphasizing the ‘convergence’ of rich clinical data with advanced information technology and analysis, Convergence CT is able to offer a fresh and innovative approach to accelerating medical research, clinical development, and departmental analysis. These solutions significantly improve efficiencies for healthcare data management and data analysis, outcomes and disease management, clinical trial planning and recruitment processes, and research for global markets. USA HI Honolulu                  
241  Convex CRO Bulgaria Bulgaria                      
242  Cormac Medical   Bulgaria   Sofia   sites, Phase I, BA/BE studies, pre-IND meetings, CRO, SMO   Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Larvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova          
243  Coronis Research SA Greece and Cyprus – full services CRO Greece                      
244  Courante Oncology   USA MN Excelsior     Oncology            
245  Covance   USA                      
246  CPC Clinical Research NON-PROFIT: Founded in 1989 by Robert W. Schrier, MD, CPC is a not-for-profit clinical research and community health organization offering Phase 1 – 4 clinical research services to sponsors around the world. CPC is affiliated with the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, Denver Health and the National Jewish Medical and Research Center. USA CO Aurora C   Cardiovascular            
247  CPR Services early and Phase I Australia                      
248  Cqua Research International Canadian-based in India Canada                      
249  CR&DS   USA NJ Wayne                  
250  CRI Worldwide   USA NJ   C clinical              
251  Criterium   USA                      
252  CROCont(r)acts (Germany)   Probably out of Business Germany                      
253  CROfessionals US and UK; specializes in plasma services and hematology USA VA Warrenton C clinical              
254  CROM Group (Contract Research Organization Medical and Pharmaceutical Projects) For more than 18 years, CROM Group (a full-service CRO) has been conducting clinical development programmes in Central and  Eastern Europe, and as such has enormous experience in these regions. CROM Group works across all therapeutic areas including but not limited to oncology, respiratory, cardiovascular, metabolic, HIV, CNS, vaccines, dermatology and medical devices Italy   Verona                  
255  Cromos Pharma   USA OR Portland C clinical   Russia, USA, Ukraine         goal is to grow and then sell
256 CRONIS Greece Greece     C clinical              
257  Cronova Japan Japan                      
258  Cropha CRO   Belgium   Court-Saint-Etienne                  
259  Crown CRO Finnish CRO Finland                      
260  CTO Clinical Trial Operations website not working Netherlands                      
261  CTTI (Clinical Trials TEVA Israel) They are a CRO ‘inside’ TEVA Israel     C clinical              
262  Cu-Tech Dermatology Focus USA NJ Mountain Lakes C clinical              
263  Cyanta analytical services USA MO     Analytics              
264  D2L SMO in Bagalore, India India   Bangalore                  
265  Datapharm Australia Datapharm Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian contract research organisation (CRO) and data management organisation (DMO) established in 1987. Consistent growth has met the demands of the increasing number of clinical trials in Australia . Datapharm Australia is actively involved in providing contract research services for local and international clinical trials, “big pharma” and “biotech”. Recently over 300 studies have been completed in 40 therapeutic areas with over 50 clients. Australia                      
266  Dava Oncology   USA TX Dallas                  
267  Davinci Biomedical Research Products, Inc. offices in NC and MA USA MA   P Device, preclin              
268  DaVita Clinical Research Part of DaVita; Kidney USA                      
269  Dedicated Phase I, Inc. Phase I; Phoenix Arizona USA AZ Phoenix                  
270  DevDx Clinical Medical Device-focus Australia NSW Sydney   Device Medical Devices            
271  Developharma Stability, analytics, formulation, pre-formulation Switzerland     P Stability, analytics, formulation, pre-formulation, preclin              
272  DIL Limited India India                      
273  Dimension Research   Pakistan                      
274  Dimensione Ricerca (DR Group)   Italy   Rome                  
275  Discovery Research International (DRI) website down as of dec 2010 – probably out of business                      
276  Dishman Group   UK                      
277  Divis Laboratories Limited   India                      
278  DOCRO DOCRO provides a full range of services to support the development, validation, clinical trials, and commercialization of in vitro diagnostic tests within our FDA/CLIA/ISO-9001/ISO13485 compliant Quality System. USA CT Seymour P preclin, reg              
279  Donawa Lifescience Consulting European CRO, Medical Device, Pahrmaceuticals, USA, Europe Italy   Rome C clinical, device, pharma services, postmarketing              
280  Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences   USA CA Petaluma                  
281  DP Clinical   USA                      
282  Dr M Koehler GmbH (Germany)   Germany                      
283  DSP Clinical Research   USA NJ Parsippany                  
284  Dubar Research Foundation Foundation CRO in preclinical in India India     P preclin              
285  Ecron Acunova (also Manipal Acunova) wesite not working China                      
286  EDC Pharma Services   USA NJ Keyport                  
287  Edinger Medical Group and Research Center Clinical Trials Center USA CA Fountain Valley                  
288  EGCP S.A. (Excellence in Good Clinical Practice) EGCP® S.A., excellence in good clinical practice, is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) devoted to provide excellent support and expertise for the conduct of clinical trials in the Latin American market for pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies Argentina   Buenos Aires C     Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia          
289  Egeen International European-focus with headquarters in CA USA CA                    
290  Eliapharma Services Inc. Analytical, Bioanalytics, Preclinical, and Medicinal Chemistry Services Canada QC Laval P preclin, analytics, bioanalytics              
291  Emergo Group   USA TX Austin                  
292  Emerson Resources Formulation Development, Clinical Supplies, Analytics and Technical consulting USA PA                    
293  Eminent Research Systems, Inc. CRO USA MN New Hope                  
294  Emissary   USA                      
295  Encorium   Finland   Espoo                  
296  Endpoint Software (IVRS) USA CA San Francisco   ivrs, iwrs, dm              
297  Ephoran   Italy     P imaging, preclin              
298  EpiStat Research   USA                      
299  eResearchTechnology, Inc (ERT)   USA                      
300  Ergomed   Germany   Sulzbach                  
301  Estern Medical Latin America focus USA MA Boston C Phase I – IV, Reg, Clinical, DM, PM, Med Writing, Stats, Biostats, Mon, Site Management Latin America USA, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Buenos Aires     I, II, III, IV    
302  Estudios Clínicos Latinoamérica (ECLA) Latin America focus Argentina         Latin America Brazil, Argentina, South America          
303  Ethica Clinical   Canada QC Saint-Laurent                  
304  Excel Lifesciences   China                      
305  Exodon   USA                      
306  Factory-CRO   Netherlands                      
307  Factum factum is a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) for the pharmaceutical industry Germany                      
308  FALCO Biosystems the FALCO Group is involved in genetic testing, clinical research and trials, research and development in clinical biochemistry, medical information technology, food sanitation and environmental health testing, and dispensing pharmacies, as well as our core business of clinical testing. Japan                      
309  FAN GmbH Neurosciences Preclin only Germany     P preclin              
310  Farzan Clinical Research Farzan Clinical Research is the first Iranian Contract Research Organization (CRO). Our full-service CRO is now an important partner for many Universities Iran                      
311  Fast-Track Drugs and Biologics   USA MD North Potomac                  
312  FEFA   USA       Gov’t Gov’t            
313  FGK Clinical Research   Germany   Munich                  
314  Firecrest Clinical software and clinical USA       software              
315  Focus Clinical Drug Development (Focus CDD)   Germany                      
316  Forenap Pharma   France                      
317  Fountain Medical Development (FMD) China, Taiwan, Hong Kong China       clnical             Pharm-Olam partners with them
318 FOVEA Group   France                      
319  Fractals Clinical Research Fractals Clinical Research is a company employing dedicated and compromised professionals. Fractals Clinical Research is dedicated to provide the highest level of client satisfaction and expertise to the pharmaceutical.  
Founded in 1998, Fractals Clinical Research today continues to deliver a positive outsourcing experience through its founding principles.
Mexico   Querétaro                  
320  Frontage (ABR)   USA PA Exton                  
321  Fulcrum Pharma   UK                      
322  GB Pharma Italy CRO Italy                      
323  GCT (Global Clinical Trials) GCT is a CRO with operations in Russia, former Soviet Republics and Eastern Europe USA NJ Princeton                  
324  Gene Logic, Inc (USA) Preclinical only USA     P preclin              
325  Genexion   Switzerland   Geneva                  
326  GenScript Assays, Drug Development, Preclinical USA NJ Piscataway P preclin              
327  Genuine Pharma – Egypt Egyptian CRO Egypt                      
328  Gleneagles CRC Asia/Australasian Singapore                      
329  Global CINRG   USA CA Sacramento                  
330  Global Drug Development Experts (GDDE)   USA DC Washington                  
331  Global Research Services (GRS)   USA MD Rockville                  
332  Globalpharmatech Pvt, Ltd CMO India     CMO CMO              
333  Graffinity Pharmaceutical Design GmbH Preclincial services Germany     P preclin              
334  Grayline Research Since 1986 Grayline Research Center and individuals in the Texoma Area have had world wide impact on many medications now available. This has been accomplished through supervised clinical trials of medications to evaluate their safety and effectiveness. Each clinical trial or study is designed to answer specific questions and to find new and better ways to help patients. Participating in current research studies helps create a better tomorrow. USA TX Wichita Falls C                
335  Greatspur Clinical Development Limited   UK                      
336  GSTT Emergency Scientific and Medical Services Clinical trial and medical information services provided by Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. 
eSMS is a 24 hour telephone information service for healthcare professionals providing information on behalf of the clinical research industry to support patient safety, including: 
emergency unblinding for clinical trials  
medical response for clinical trials  
clinical advice for the management of adverse events  
medical information for licensed products and IMPs  
Our procedures have been developed over 20 years and are GCP compliant. We are regularly audited by our clients and have been inspected by the MHRA, all with positive outcomes.
337  Gulf Coast Research Associates   USA LA Baton Rouge                  
338  GVK Biosciences   India                      
339  H&J CRO International H&J CRO International, Inc. is a Leading Full-Service CRO in China that Offers Your Global Clinical Trial Solutions. Established in 2003, the Company is headquartered in New Jersey, U.S. with five branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Chengdu, P.R. China. H&J CRO specializes in regulatory affairs, clinical trial management, data management, SAS programming, biostatistics, and Chengdu, P.R. China. H&J CRO specializes in regulatory affairs, clinical trial management, data management China                      
340  h2h Clinical Research Services h2h Clinical Research Services Inc is dedicated to providing excellence in Clinical Operations support to the Life Sciences industry.  With over 20 years of experience in clinical research, we help our clients with lifecycle management of outsourced services.  Find the right CRO to get your critical project completed on time, on budget and to high quality standards.  Whether you need a full service CRO or a single contract monitor, h2h can help you find what you need to get the job done. Canada       Training, mon,              
341  HaInbal Israeli CRO Israel                      
342  Harlan   USA     P preclin   Usa, Europe, Asia, Middle East          
343  Harrison Clinical   Germany           Germany, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia Western Europe, CEE        
344  Hawaii Clinical Research Center Hawaii Clinical Research Center aims to bring new drugs and medical devices to the people who need them. HCRC was established in 1989 to specialize in Phase I-IV clinical studies in the diverse ethnic populations of Hawaii. Since then, we have completed close to 300 studies covering a wide range of physical and mental health indications. We have built a reputation as an excellent site for the conduct of Phase I Japan trials, completing close to 30 studies since 1999. To our knowledge, we are the only Phase I site outside of Japan that has been visited and audited by Japanese authorities, with excellent results. USA HI Honolulu                  
345  Health Decisions Agile Clinical Development USA NC Durham C clinical, adaptive design, biostats, stats, DM, med writing, patient recruitment, PM, regulatory, post marketing, site, sites monitoring, mon, quality management              
346  Healthcare Project Management (HPM) Acquired by UCB Biosource in mid 2009 – operates as a subsidiary Switzerland   Geneva                  
347  Hegi Research Corp Hegi Research Corp. was founded in 2001 to offer the services of Independent Clinical Research Consultants [CRAs] to the Pharmaceutical Industry and Contract Research Organisations [CROs]. Canada AB Calgary C Sites, PM, Reg, rent-a-monitor, QA, Site Audits              
348  Helix3 Inc GLP CRO specializing in comet assay applications, GLP research services and new assay development USA     P preclin, assay              
349  Hi Tech Bio Laboratories Contract Research and CMO India     P preclin              
350  Hill Top Research   USA OH Cincinnati                  
351  Holburn   Canada ON                    
352  Hoosier Oncology Group The Hoosier Oncology Group operates as a cancer research organization established to evaluate innovative and promising methods and approaches to cancer treatment through, among other things, clinical research. Engendering cooperation between medical center scientists and community practitioners enables HOG to achieve the goal of treating cancer patients within their own communities, while contributing significant research to the worldwide battle against cancer USA IN Indianapolis                  
353  HungaroTrial Offices in Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine Hungary                      
354  Huntingdon Life Sciences (UK) Performs many services including Phase I – III, in vitro, toxicology UK                      
355  Hurley Consulting Note: Website is down as of Jan 1  |||Founded in 1987, Hurley Consulting Associates Ltd. (“Hurley Consulting”) is a leading international consulting firm serving the health sciences industry with over 50 employees, including pharmacologists, pharmacokineticists, toxicologists, physicians, regulatory specialists, statisticians, computer                      
356  Hylae Clinical Research   Sweden                      
357  Hyperion Biotechnology Works on Gov’t Contracts USA     C clinical              
358  IATEC Website not working as of Dec 2010 Netherlands           Netherlands, Belgium, France, Thailand, and Israel          
359  ICON Clinical   USA                      
360  ICRC-Weyer (Independent Clinical Research Consulting) Berlin, Germany Germany                      
361  ICTS   USA NC Cary                  
362  IFE Baltic UAB website not working Italy                      
363  iGATE Clinical Research International Indian conglomerate that has operations in healthcare industry India                      
364  Imperial Clinical Research Services US, Europe USA                      
365  Inamed Germany Germany                      
366  INC Research   USA                      
367  Inclinix Offices in NC and Maryland USA NC                    
368  InCROM China, Japan, Europe China                      
369  Indus Biotherapeutics   India                      
370  Info Kinetics Sdn Bhd Phase I and Bioequivalence CRO Malaysia                      
371  InfoQuest Clinical An independent clinical research consulting firm which partners with pharmaceutical, device, and biomedical companies to provide customized clinical project support services. USA TX Alvarado C Clinical, Consulting, Auditing, CRF Design, PM, Mon, Training, Med Writing, Site ID              
372  Ingenix Pharmaceutical Services   USA                      
373  Innovative Clinical Concepts (ICC) Innovative Clinical Concepts (ICC) is a woman/minority owned clinical trials Research Service organization that provides specialized services to study sponsors/CROs. Our primary focus is to work with physicians and clinical practices who serve minority, underrepresented, and women patient populations. Our management team has a combined experience base of more than 60 years in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. USA IN Indianapolis C Site, DM, Study, Mon, clinical, Reg, PM, QA              
374  Innoventz   USA CA Pasadena                  
375  InPEC BV website not working – InPEC BV is a new clinical CRO that focuses on these points in the execution of phase 0, 1 and 2A clinical trials. Spain                      
376  Insearch   USA FL St Petersburg                  
377  Integra Group Preclinical and Clinical and Regulatory; Eastern Europe USA MN                    
378  Integrated Clinical Research   USA TX                    
379  Integrium US and South Africa USA                      
380  Intermountain Clinical Research (ICR)   USA UT Salt Lake City                  
381  International Clinical Trials Association (ICTA)   France                      
382  International Drug Development Institute (IDDI)   Belgium                      
383  International HealthCare LLC   USA                      
384  Intertek ASG Lab UK   Manchester P Lab, Preclin              
385  Intox Lab toxicology studies Netherlands     P preclin              
386  IntrexTest Welcome to InrexTest. We are an SCRO- Scientific Contract Research Organization- specializing in contract testing of new medical devices and pharmaceuticals. We support every stage of your development, from initial concept to protocol design, to final supporting data and documents. Our company is dedicated to delivering impeccable quality and unbelievable prices. InrexTest provides critical benefits to medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies across the globe USA NY New York                  
387  Intrials Brazil Brazil                      
388  Intrinsic Imaging LLC San Antonio and Boston; radiology and imaging CRO services USA TX San Antonio   Radiology Radiology            
389  InVentiv Clinical InVentiv has several operations including staffing, CRO, consulting and other services USA                      
390  iResearch Limited   UK                      
391  Iris Pharma Eye, Ophthalmology focus, clinical and preclinical France                      
392  IRW Consulting Nordic CRO, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland IRW is a Nordic full-service Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) with more than ten years experience and local offices in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. We offer solid know-how and experience of clinical research, data management, biostatistics and pharmacovigilance for global and small pharma, biotech and the medical devices industry Sweden     C     Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland          
393  IST Phase 2 -3 Germany                      
394  Jai Research Foundation (JRF) preclinical, toxicology, regulatory, HQ in India, also office in UK and Audobon, PA USA India     P preclin              
395  JANIX   USA CA Aliso Viejo C                
396  Jasper Phase I clinical USA     C clinical              
397  Java Clinical Java Clinical is based in Dublin, Ireland, Java provides a complete range of clinical trial services to the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries. Working with our clients as a development partner from preclinical to phase iv, we help take new products all the way from research through to market Ireland   Dublin C                
398  JSS Medical Research   Canada QC Westmount                  
399  JSW Life Sciences Croatia Croatia                      
400  Julius Clinical Research Academic CRO Netherlands     C clinical              
401  KAI Research   USA                      
402  Kasa Consult Europe, Consulting Belgium                      
403  KCR East Europe Poland   Warsaw         CEE        
404  Kemwell Pvt Ltd CMO in Sweden and India and some R&D Services India                      
405  Kendle   USA                      
406  Key Oncologics (Pty) Ltd Sells products, has marketing, selling, distrubution and runs clinical trials South Africa       marketing, Selling, distribution, services Oncology            
407  KGK Synergize   Canada ON London                  
408  Kinesis Pharma BV Clinical and preclinical Netherlands                      
409  Klifovet AG CRO for animals – vetrinary Germany                      
410  Klinar CRO Turkey Turkey                      
411  KLIXAR Latin America focus Argentina   Buenos Aires C clinical Latin America       II, III, IV    
412  KPS Clinical Services   India                      
413  KRI, Inc. (Kansai Research Institute)   Japan                      
414  Kriger Research Group International (KRC)   USA                      
415  Kronos Laboratory Only PRECLINICAL and assays USA AZ Phoenix P preclin, assay              
416  Kseron LLC   USA MN Burnsville                  
417  Labnetworx lab India     P preclin              
418  Lambda Therapeutic Research Limited   India                      
419  LatAm Clinical Trials Latin America focus Panama                      
420  Laxai   USA FL Tampa                  
421  LBBM Biomedical Research Argentina Argentina                      
422  LCG Bioscience probably out of business – website no longer up UK                      
423  Libra Medical Regulatory services, DM, QA, Services, EDC USA MN Minneapolis                  
424  Lifetree Clinical Research Lifetree Clinical Research® is more than a Clinical Research Organization (CRO). We are a Specialized Research Organization (SRO) – a term we have coined. SRO means we are able to offer our clients specialized services. We approach every client large or small with the same level of care, diligence and attention to detail. USA UT Salt Lake City                  
425  Linical Co., Ltd.   Japan                      
426  Lotus Clinical Research   India                      
427  Lowden International Lowden International is an alliance of independent pharmaceutical consultants comprising industry experts and former Inspectors from the European Regulatory Authorities with extensive experience in GMP, GCP, GCLP, Quality Management and European pharmaceutical legislation. 
We specialise in helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and NHS pharmaceutical services to improve their compliance and enhance their quality management systems to best industry standards by offering consultancy and training in the core areas of ; 
UK     C Consulting, Clinical, Audits, Inspections, Medical Affairs, QA, Reg              
428  LSK Global PS   South Korea                      
429  LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme   Germany                      
430  LyChron Medical Device, Gene/cell therapy, preclinical USA     P preclin Medical Devices            
431  Maestro Clinical USA-China USA                      
432  Magene Life Sciences Pvt, Ltd (India)     India                      
433  Maghreb Clinical Research (MCR)   Morocco                      
434  MakroCare   USA NJ Newark                  
435  Marin Biologic Laboratories Lab for preclinical and clinical USA     P/C preclin, lab, clinical              
436  Max Neeman Max Neeman – A leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) based out of India provides full range of clinical research services to global pharmaceutical, biotech and devices companies. India                      
437  Maya Clinicals   USA CA San Francisco                  
438  MB Quest Pharm-Olam for CIS States Russia           Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia CIS        
439  MCRA MCRA’s unique Clinical Research Organization (CRO) enables international and US-based orthopedic and cardiovascular companies of all sizes to successfully execute a clinical study. Our philosophy is to streamline the clinical trial process by utilizing our integrated approach to guide you through the medical device lifecycle. MCRA’s expertise in the orthopedic industry is unmatched to our competition, while our cross-services integration is positioned to optimize quality, cost, and time. USA DC Washington C clinical, DM, med writing, biostats, site management, mon orthopedics USA          
440  MD Biosciences Preclinical USA MN   P preclin              
441  MD Biosciences, Inc  MD Biosciences, Inc Preclinical CRO ; Preclincial Only USA     P preclin              
442  MDCI   USA MA                    
443  Medelis Oncology focus USA NV Reno                  
444  Medfiles Europe Finland                      
445  MedFocus Staffing; Part of Inventiv USA IL Chicago                  
446  Medicines Evaluation Unit  (MEU) The Medicines Evaluation Unit is a joint venture with a major university hospital and covenants all profits (through its charitable status) to support research in respiratory medicine. The Unit was first established in 1994 and is owned by the North West Lung Centre charity. The MEU specialises in performing clinical trials (from Phase I through to IV) in respiratory / inflammatory medicine and related areas. UK   Manchester C                
447  Medico Chemical Lab, Aps Consulting only Denmark                      
448  MediCroStar   South Korea                      
449  Medidata Solutions, Inc EDC, CTMS USA                      
450  Mediolanum Cardio Resesarch (MCR)   Italy   Milan C trial design, site management, reg, reporting, lab, DM, Stats, Device           Oncology, Psychiatry, Neurology, Thrombosis and Metabolism  
451  Mediprobe Research Inc   Canada ON London                  
452  Mediscis MEDISCIS “Medical Science Services” is a Clinical Research Organization with established core competencies in Clinical Trial Management (Ph I-IIb), Bioanalysis, and Biometrics. France     C clinical              
453  Mediserv Phase II – IV, Netherlands Netherlands     C clinical              
454  MedPace   USA OH Cincinnati                  
455  MedPass full-service CRO serving Europe – specializing in Medical Devices France   Paris C Device, Reg, DM, Biostats, Consulting Medical Devices France          
456  MedSource Houston TX USA TX Houston                  
457  MedTrials   USA TX Dallas C                
458  MegaMed Clinical Research in Canada and USA with a vision of world wide expansion Canada                      
459  MEK Consulting Greece, Turkey and Lebanon Greece                      
460  Mene Research CRO based in Turkey; family business; Turkey/ Egypt Turkey                      
461  Metrics Research   Pakistan                      
462  Metropolis Health Services   India     P Lab, Diagnostics              
463  Mexican Institute of Clinical Research (IMIC) The Mexican Institute of Clinical Research (IMIC) opened its doors in Mexico City on March 1, 2000 with the intention of conducting high quality clinical research in Mexico. IMIC was first planned, designed and organized by Dr. Roberto Chiprut, and Dr. David Ginsberg, as professional consultant. Mexico DF Mexico City C                
464  MicroConstants   USA CA San Diego P Immunoassay, assay, PK, bioanalytics, formulation, preclin   China, USA          
465  Midian Clinical Ltd   UK                      
466  MMG Part of Omnicomm – patient recruiting only USA MD                    
467  MMS Holdings   USA MI Canton                  
468  Molecule CRO MENA Region Jordan             MENA, middle east        
469  Moncoa Medical Research   Canada                      
470  Monipol Poland Poland                      
471  Monitor Medical Research and Consulting clinical, data manament, medical writing Turkey   Istanbul C clinical              
472  Monitoring Force   USA FL Jacksonville                  
473  MPI Research   USA MI Mattawan P preclin, bioanalytics, drug safety eval, discovery services              
474  MSOURCE One third of business CRO/other staffing/CRO division not profitable/ Location throughout Europe, Russia Russia                      
475  MTZ Clinical Research Poland Poland                      
476  Nagy Research MENA Region Egypt             MENA, Middle East        
477  Natco Pharma (India)     India                      
478  NaviGo Research MN, USA USA MN                    
479  NB Science   Ukraine                      
480  NCGS Labratories mid-size CRO based in South Carolina USA SC                    
481  NCRA – (Norwich Clinical Research Associates) Very Small USA                      
482  NDA Regulatory Science (NDA Group) Regulatory Affiars concentration; UK, Sweden, Germany UK                      
483  Neox Clinical Research Czech Czech                      
484  Neuroinvestigations, Inc Preclinical for CNS Canada     P preclin              
485  New Brunswick Scientific Co   USA                      
486  Next Generation Clinical   USA WI Madison C               company has good finances, debt free and profitable
487 Nextar Chempharma Solutions CMO and In Vitro and Analytics – NO CLINICAL Israel     P preclin              
488  Nexus Oncology Oncology focus; locations in Canada, Texas, UK, France, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Belgiu, Sweden, and Hungary Canada ON Toronto C clinical              
489  NoAb BioDiscoveries Preclinical Canada ON Mississauga P preclin              
490  Noblewell CEE; Poland headquarters Poland                      
491  NORMA denmark Denmark                      
492  North Carolina Clinical Research (NCCR) Clinical research Site in North Carolina USA NC                    
493  Northern California Research   USA CA                    
494  NorthWise Services Offices in Belgium and head office in UK UK           Belgium, UK          
495  Norwich Clinical Research Associates   USA                      
496  Novasco Part of ASCOPharm France   Paris                  
497  Novatia analytical services USA NJ   P preclin              
498  Novella Clinical Formerly PharmaLink; recent acquisitions USA                      
499  November Research Group PVG Services USA CA San Francisco                  
500  Novotech Largest Australian CRO Australia                      
501  Novum Pharmaceutical Research Services   USA PA Pittsburgh                  
502  Novum Pharmaceutical Research Services   USA                      
503  Nuvisan Pharma Services Former AAIPharma/ZeeCRO in Europe Germany                      
504  Ocimum Biosolutions Genomics – Labs, Data Management India     P preclin              
505  Ockham   USA NC Cary                  
506  OCT – (Outsourcing Clinical Trials) CEE and Western Europe Russia                      
507  Octagon Research Solutions   USA PA Wayne   CDISC, DM, eCTD              
508  Omnicare Omnicare Clinical Research, a leading contract research organization (CRO) operating in 30 countries, provides clinical trials management (Phases I-IV), data analysis and data submission in all major therapeutic categories for the pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotechnology companies. USA KY Covington C clinical, pharmacy Seniors            
509  ONCOtherapeutics Oncotherapeutics is a full service Contract Research Organization (CRO) committed to the therapeutic oncology area. Our specialized approach offers a strategic advantage to our clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device industries. USA CA West Hollywood C Lab, Protocol Development, Patient Recruiting, Site Management, PM, DM, Biostats, Stats, Safety Review, Mon, SOP Development, Auditing Oncology       I, II, III, IV    
510  OnQ Consulting South Africa South Africa                      
511  Operatrix Consulting Ontario Canada Canada ON                    
512  OPIS (On Pharmaceutical Industry Service) OPIS is a CRO (Contract Research Organization) founded in 1998, able to supply full services in the sector of pharmacological research, clinic, pre-clinic and post-marketing, to companies operating in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological fields and in the field of medical devices. Italy     P/C preclin, clinical, post-marketing, DM, stats, Medical marketing              
513  Ora Clinical Ophthalmology focus USA MA Andover                  
514  Oracle Data solutions USA                      
515  Orange Lifesciences India India                      
516  Orbis Data Solutions Orbis Data Solutions is a specialized consulting and contract staffing firm serving the Biometrics and Clinical Operations needs of our clients. We deliver surpassingly qualified consultants to companies in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device industries. USA MA Woburn   Mon, CRF, protocol development, biometrics, DM              
517  Orion Clinical Services Europe UK                      
518  Oroxcell Preclincial France     P preclin              
519  Osaiway Research Site Management Organization (SMO) in India India                      
520  OSMOS Clinical Research, Inc OSMOS Clinical Research, Inc. helps our clients maximize the benefits and minimize the risks associated with conducting clinical research trials in Eastern Europe, Latin America, India and others countries around the world USA CA San Francisco                  
521  Outcome post-approval USA MA Cambridge                  
522  P3 Research   New Zealand                      
523  Pacific BioLabs   USA CA                    
524  Pacific Biomarkers Lab services and biomarker provider USA                      
525  Pacific Bridge Medical Asia USA MD Maryland C clinical     Asia        
526  Palm Beach CRO Palm Beach CRO manages the entire clinical trial process and our core strength is to provide quality data with properly developed timelines. Our teams of seasoned professionals are pro-active in the clinical process, helping to reduce costs and prevent overruns of budgets. USA FL Palm Beach C                
527  Paradigm Clinical website not working USA CA                    
528  Paragon Biomedical Paragon Biomedical is a full-service clinical research organization (CRO) providing high quality Phase I – IV clinical trial support to the world’s pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. For over 20 years our insights, processes, and infrastructure have helped clients maximize their research resources in major therapeutic areas USA CA Irvine C clinical, Phase I – IV       Private I, II, III, iV    
529  Parexel   USA                      
530  PaxMed   USA CA san Diego                  
531  PDS (Pharmaceutical Development Services) medical devices UK     C clinical, device              
532  Peachtree BioResearch Solutions strong in medical device/ work with UCB Pharma USA GA Smyrna C clinical              
533  Pelvipharm   USA     P preclin genitourinary            
534  Perceptive Informatics, Inc Imaging, CTMS, EDC, ePRO USA                      
535  Peruvian Clinical Research Peruvian Clinical Research is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) located in Peru. Over many years, Clinical Trials in Peru has been grown, local law and investigator’s enterprise improved and monitor’s experience increased. We recognize that your needs may range from a single service to a turnkey operation. As a full service CRO, we have built a breadth of services to offer our sponsors. Peru   Lima C                
536  PFC Pharma Focus Ltd (PharmaFocus) Switzerland Switzerland           Israel          
537  Phamos Czech-based; eastern europe CRO Czech     C clinical              
538  Pharma Medica Research   Canada ON Mississauga                  
539  Pharmaceutical Advisors Consulting only USA NJ Princeton   Consulting              
540  Pharmacosmos CRO We offer unique access to optimized global medical product development for European biotech and pharmaceutical companies Denmark   Holbaek                  
541  PharmaFacts   USA                      
542  Pharmaffiliates Preclinical and Analytics, also does regulatory; based in India India     P preclin              
543  Pharmahungary Pharmahungary is a global provider of innovative preclinical (nonclinical) and clinical R&D solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech and food supplement companies. Preclinical research services includes cardiovascular (cardiovasc™, and metabolic diseases such as infarction, cardioprotection, heart failure, arrhythmia, stroke, sepsis, inflammatory response syndrome, diabetes, insulin resistance, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, uremia, obesity, aging, etc. Our know-how in custom design innovative R&D model systems (innoRD™) significantly reduces the duration of your preclinical drug development. Special risk sharing opportunities are available in preclinical research. Pharmahungary’s high quality services are based on highly trained (in the US, Canada, UK, Germany) management team with recognized international expertise in preclinical and clinical pharmacology and medical sciences. Hungary   Budapest C/P preclin, consulting, clinical, Phase I – IV, reg, feasibility, QA   Hungary          
544  PharmaIntel UK UK                      
545  Pharmalog Europe Germany                      
546  Pharmalys UK, Europe UK                      
547  Pharmanet   USA               Private I, II, III, IV   was public but was bought by JLL in April 2009 and became private company
548 PharmaPart Dec 2010: Recently Acquired by Pierrel Switzerland                      
549  Pharmatech Oncology Pharmatech Oncology is a full service Contract Research Organization (CRO) with over 20 years of clinical research and specializing in cancer studies. Our US-based network of over 250 oncology clinics offers clinical cancer trials as a treatment option to cancer patients. The Network of facilities and professionals is maintained through ongoing communication and support. Because of our research expertise, industry relationships, and in-house trial management and data solutions, Pharmatech Oncology will help make cancer trials valuable to patients, physicians and industry. USA CO Denver C clinical, SMO, Site management, rescue, consulting, DM Oncology         Oncology  
550  Pharmatek Laboratories, Inc Preclinical USA                      
551  PharmaTrials, Inc   USA                      
552  Pharm-Olam International (POI) Pharm-Olam International started operations in 1994 with the premise of delivering cost-effective, quick-to-market clinical services in the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Since then, Pharm-Olam has expanded its services to more than 40 countries, including: North America, Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, India, and South Africa. USA TX Houston C Full-Service, DM, Stats, PVG, Reg, Mon, Med Writing, QA, PM, Phase I – IV, Device, Clincal, Rescue, Gov’t     North America, Latin America, CEE, West Europe, CIS, Balkans, Baltics, South Africa, India Private I, II, III, IV All  
553  PharmStats focuses on stats, also does all other CRO services; founded in Delaware, operaties in Japan and PA Japan     C clinical              
554  PharSafer Associates Ltd Pharmacovigilance Provider UK   Surrey C clinical, PVG              
555  Pharsight Corporation   USA                      
556  Phaze SA Greece Greece   Athens                  
557  PHDS Healthcare Research China China                      
558  Phidea /Marvin Italy and Spain Italy                      
559  PHT Corporation (USA) ePRO USA                      
560  Physiogenix Preclinical USA WI Milwaukie P preclin              
561  Piedmont Preclinical USA                      
562  Pierrel Larger, profitable company, CRO/CMO; Italy-based; Incorporated Italy                      
563  Pinnacle Research Group Phase I – IV; has facilities USA                      
564  Pipeline Biotech   Denmark     P preclin, pharmacology, toxicology              
565  Pleiad Devices Medical Device and Opthalmology focused USA MA Cambridge C Medical Device Medical Devices USA          
566  PPC (Protech Pharmaservices Corporation) Asia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong, Kong Taiwan                      
567  PPD   USA                      
568  PRA International Large CRO; based in North Carolina USA NC                    
569  Praxis Recruitment USA TN     Recruitment              
570  PRECOS Preclinical UK     P preclin preclinical oncology            
571  Prelude Dynamics web-based clinical trial management systems USA TX Austin                  
572  Premas Biotech Pvt, Ltd   India     P preclin              
573  Premier Research UK-based; offices throughout Europe and in USA UK                      
574  PrimeVigilance Pharmacovigilance Provider UK   Surrey C clinical, PVG              
575  PRISMA (P.R.I.S.M.A.- CRO) P.R.I.S.M.A.- CRO has been established by three senior founders bringing together a wealth of experience from the pharmaceutical industry and from major global contract research organisations. With their combined experience together the three founders have worked in all therapeutic areas and have been involved in more than 60 drug trials and more than 20 device trials covering all aspects of clinical research from feasibility to final clinical study reports. Germany   Langenfeld C clinical, PM, mon, reg, safety, QA, med writing              
576  ProCitius Research   India                      
577  ProDERM Dermatology Focus Germany     C clinical              
578  Prodia CRO and Lab services, Regulatory, Site Management; Indonesia Indonesia                      
579  Profil Research   Germany                      
580  Progressive Life Sciences (PLS) CRO Phase II – IV; offices in San Jose, CA and in New Delhi India USA CA San Jose                  
581  Prohealth Clinical Research We specialize in clinical research in the areas of men’s health, postmenopausal women’s health, metabolic bone diseases (osteoporosis) and endocrine disease (including diabetes). Canada BC Vancouver C                
582  ProInnovera Germany; Eastern Europe Germany                      
583  Prologue Research International (acquired by Novella) Oncology-focused business unit of Novella USA OH Columbus C clinical              
584  Promedica International   USA                      
585  PROMetrika   USA MA Cambridge C clinical, PM, DM, Med Writing, consulting, biostats              
586  ProTrials   USA CA Sunnyvale C clinical, PM, Mon, Site Mangement, QA, SOP development, training              
587  Providence Clinical Research (PCR)   USA CA Brubank                  
588  PSI Europe; large company Switzerland   Zug C                
589  Purcell Inc. website not working correctly correctly Canada ON     PM, Mon, Other         I, II, III, IV    
590  P-Value Medical   Spain   Madrid   DM, consulting, training, reg, PVG              
591  QED Clinical Services Through extensive partnering with Biotech and small to medium sized Pharmaceutical Sponsors on studies across the therapeutic and development spectrum, QED have established a purpose built outsourcing solution to meet the specific needs of these companies. UK     C clinical              
592  QPS (also: QPS Bio-Kinetic) US , Europe, and Asia; USA                      
593  Q-Trials Israeli CRO Israel     C clinical              
594  QuailCRO USA, Romania USA                      
595  Quality Assistance Belgium Belgium                      
596  Quanticate   UK                      
597  Quantum Clinical Research Acquired by CRI Worldwide Australia                      
598  Quantum Ltd. India, Canada India   Pune C Phase I – IV, PK, PVG, Reg, QA, Feasibility, Rescue, Med Writing, Training, Site Management, PM, DM, Biostats, Mon, Clinical   India, Canada     I, II, III, IV    
599  Quantum Solutions India (QSI) India India   Chandigarh                  
600  Quartesian CRO that does EDC, Data Management, Stats, Clinical, Medical Writing, Project Management, Clinical Trials; based in Princeton New Jersey, with offices in Ukraine, and India USA NJ Princeton                  
601  Quest Diagnostics, Inc Quest Diagnostics does Clinical Trial Services USA                      
602  Quetzal Cliical Research India India                      
603  Quintiles   USA                      
604  Quorom Review Inc. IRB Review USA WA Seattle   IRB Review              
605  Radiant Research Phase I – IV USA                      
606  RCC Laboratories   India     P Lab, Preclin   India, USA, Switzerland          
607  RCRI Medical Device focus USA MN Minneapolis                  
608  Recerca Clinica Spain Spain                      
609  Registrat-MAPI REGISTRAT-MAPI is the industry’s largest clinical research organization (CRO) dedicated solely to “real-world” clinical research. We provide strategic and operational expertise as well as services in the design and conduct of late phase studies globally. We are committed to developing true partnerships with our biopharmaceutical and medical device company clients. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your peri-and post-approval research France   Lyon   Risk management, safety, PM, Med Writing, biostats, stats, programming, DM, site management, Mon, epidemiology              
610  Regulatory Clinical Research Institute, Inc (RCRI) Medical Devices USA                      
611  Rejuvendus Clinical Research India CRO, full service India     C clinical              
612  Reliance Clinical Research Services (Reliance Life Sciences) India India                      
613  RenaSci Preclinical and some clinical UK     P/C preclin              
614  Rephartox Netherlands and South Africa – Services and Consulting Netherlands                      
615  Research & Development RA SA   Argentina                      
616  Research Assist, Inc.   USA NJ Bridgewater                  
617  Research Dynamics Research Dynamics is a boutique Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that provides high quality, flexible clinical research services, training, and consulting to the pharmaceutical, biotech, device industries as well as to investigators and academic medical centers. We use innovative technologies, experienced research professionals, and a commitment to clients through product development to approval to ensure that patients benefit from novel therapies as soon as possible. USA     C PM, Rescue, Mon, Clinical, Site Management, Consulting, Auditing, GCP Audit, Post-Marketing             Trying to grow to get an international footprint
618 ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services (RPS) RPS, a next generation CRO, provides comprehensive global Phase 1-4 clinical development solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. By combining an experienced clinical research operations infrastructure with the industry’s largest resourcing engines, RPS is uniquely positioned to offer our Clients both integrated and full service global outsourcing solutions. These solutions are powered by highly experienced and seasoned study teams providing innovative, cost-effective and high quality services. USA PA   C     Argentine, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, France, Germany, Spain, China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, USA          
619  ResearchPoint   USA TX USA                  
620  ReSolution Latin America Latin America focus Argentina                      
621  Retroscreen   UK   London                  
622  Rho family-owned; does gov’t work USA     C Full-Services, Phase I – IV, gov’t, clinical         I, II, III, IV    
623  Richmond Pharmacology   UK   London C clinical              
624  Roxaane Research Limited No Website India                      
625  RTI Health Solutions Many service areas for Health, PVG, Biometrics, HOR USA NC RTP                  
626  RxcelPartners company services include assisting with CRO partnering/ pharma and biotech / consulting USA PA                    
627  Sai Advantium (SAI) Preclincial services India     P preclin              
628  Sanmar Speciality Chemicals Ltd Engineering and Contract R&D services India     P preclin              
629  Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI) SCRI, an industry leader in clinical trials, is dedicated to advancing therapies for patients through clinical research. It is one of the largest, community-based research programs in the nation, conducting clinical trials in ten therapeutic areas through its affiliation with a network of hundreds of physicians. Additionally, it offers management, regulatory and other research support services to drug development sponsors and strategic investigator sites across the country. USA TN Nashville C clinical              
630  Schiff & Co. website down                      
631  SciAn up for sale Canada ON Toronto                  
632  SCIDRE – Scientific Development & Biomedical Research Organization (SCIDRE Co.) MENA Region, Full Serivice Egypt   Cairo                  
633  Scimega Research Oncology focus Canada                      
634  ScinoPharm ScinoPharm Taiwan offers world class services related to the development and manufacturing of clinical, small-scale, and commercial-stage active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates. Dedicated Contract Research Organization (CRO) and Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) are to provide fast response to customers’ needs, combined with a flexible, reliable, and competitive approach. Taiwan     C manufacturing, early phase, clinical             CRO and CMO, Early Phase; Taiwan
635 Scope International AG Germany Germany                      
636  SCRO                          
637  Selcia Limited   UK                      
638  Semler Indian-based and office in US USA                      
639  Sequent Development Preclinical USA VA Madison P preclin, drug safety, support, toxicity, screening              
640  Sermon CRO We are an independent, private company providing high quality clinical trial monitoring services in the South-Eastern Europe region. The rapidly growing demand for clinical trial services in the region is to a great extent due to the quality of the clinical data acquired, large patient pool and highly qualified investigators. Sermon CRO is proud to contribute to this expansion. Croatia   Zagreb C site selection, feasibility, reg, PVG, Mon, site visits, import/export   Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia          
641  SGS Lifesciences   USA                      
642  Shandon Clinical Trials clinical trials; Ireland Ireland                      
643  ShangPharma Public Company, one of the largest CROs in China China                      
644  Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories Japan; Labs Japan                      
645  Siesta Group Sleep-related studies Austria   Vienna                  
646  Simbec Research UK, Europe UK                      
647  Sinclair Research Preclinical only USA MO Columbia P preclin              
648  Siri Technologies software and preclinical India   Bangalore P Software, Preclin              
649  Siro Clinpharm India, Germany, Eastern Europe India           Israel, India, Germany, Czech, Estonia, Romania, France, Spain, Greece, USA          
650  SLG (China-CRO) China China                      
651  Smerud Medical Research they have large presence in Scandanavia and small presence in Russia/ Eastern Europe Sweden                      
652  SMO-USA   USA                      
653  SMP Clinical Development Romania; very small Romania CRO – monitoring Romania     C Mon, clincal              
654  SMS Oncology Netherlands, Cancer Netherlands                      
655  SNBL USA Preclinical only USA     P preclin              
656  Snowledge Synowledge specializes in providing drug safety and pharmacovigilance services to small, mid and large size pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our comprehensive outsourcing solutions combine the unique strengths of both onshore and offshore Pharmacovigilance Provider – services to meet all our clients’ needs. Our Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance service offerings include: USA CT Stamford C clinical, PVG              
657  SOCAR Research Switzerland Switzerland                      
658  Solvias Preclincial Switzerland     P preclin              
659  Source BioScience Source BioScience is an international diagnostic and genetic analysis business, serving the healthcare and research markets UK   Nottingham C clinical              
660  Sovereign Health India; clinical trials from Phase II – IV India     C Phase II – IV, clinical              
661  Spaulding Clinical   USA                      
662  Spectrum Clinical Research   India   Mumbai C study management, patient recruitment              
663  Spectrum Regulatory Solutions Regulatory consulting/services only / website not working correctly UK       Reg              
664  SPRI Clinical Trials-Global LLC Americas and Eastern Europe USA NY New York                  
665  SPRI Ukraine, LLC SPRI Ukraine, LLC is a regional full-service contract research organization (CRO), experienced in performing clinical trials in Ukraine. We provide a wide range of research services for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, interested in conducting clinical trials in Ukraine and Russia. We are the integrated team of high professionals with expertise in managing and execution of clinical trials, offering cost-effective and time-sensitive solutions for conducting clinical studies. Ukraine     C                
666  Springborn Smithers Laboratories analytics for ecotoxicology – plant and animal (not human) USA                      
667  Squarepoint-Pointcarre   Belgium                      
668  SRA Public Company USA VA                    
669  Sristek Consulting   India                      
670  STAT Research STAT Research is a medically-driven Contract Research Organization dedicated to providing support services to healthcare institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries Argentina   Buenos Aires C                
671  Statking Consulting Services USA OH                    
672  Stat-Trade, Inc See: ClinSmart and STI Pharma, LLC – this company operates as 2 entities USA PA Langhorne C                
673  StatWorks company was up for sale in 2008; purchased by Pharm-Olam in 2011 USA NC RTP                  
674  STI Pharma, LLC STI Pharma, LLC was founded by a team of industry veterans who together assembled a talented management team. Our strategy is to acquire specialized, niche-marketed products that have potential for growth and development through brand recognition, product life-cycle management, alternative indications and new dosage formulations. USA PA Langhorne C                
675  Stiris Research, Inc   Canada ON London                  
676  Strategic Regularoty Consulting (SRC)   USA OH Cincinnati                  
677  Strides Arcolabs Limited (India) manufacturing and some services India       manufacturing              
678  Study Hall   USA MA                    
679  Swiss Pharma Contract Switzerland Switzerland                      
680  Sylvana Research Associates Full-service Phase I – IV clinical site in San Antonio USA TX San Antonio C site, clinical              
681  Symbio   USA NY Port Jefferson                  
682  Symbion   USA                      
683  SyMetric Sciences   Canada QC                    
684  Symfo ePRO Luxembourg       ePRO              
685  Symphony Pharma Life Sciences preclinical, india India                      
686  SYNARC/CCBR   USA CA                    
687  Syncare Clinical Services   Germany                      
688  Synchron CRO in India, Phase I – IV, lab facilities India                      
689  Synexus   UK                      
690  SynRG (Synergy Research Group (SRG)) Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan Russia   Moscow                  
691  Synteract   USA                      
692  Syreon   Canada BC Vancouver                  
693  Sysdata Consulting New York USA NY                    
694  TAKE Solutions clinical services USA NJ Princeton C clinical              
695  TargetHealth   USA                      
696  Tata Indicom Ebu (India)   Part of Tata Group of India India                      
697  TCG Lifesciences Limited (formerly known as Chembiotek) preclinical and clinical India     P/C preclin, clinical              
698  Tech Observer   Japan       analytics, EDC, DM, PVG, Med Writing, Stats, Reg, FSP, Mon, CDISC   USA, France, UK, Japan, India          
699  Tetrial, LLC   Russia   Moscow                  
700  TGA Sciences, Inc assays, animal studies, R&D servies PRECLINICAL ONLY USA     P assays, animal, preclin              
701  The Clinical Trial Company (TCTC)   UK                      
702  The CRO Group, Inc. Consulting for Medical device, biotech and diagnostics USA MA Melrose     Medical Devices            
703  The Patient Recruiting Agency (TPRA) patient recruiting USA       patient recruiting              
704  Theradex Theradex® is an international contract research organization providing complete professional services for the clinical research and development of pharmaceutical compounds, medical devices and diagnostic tests in the areas of oncology and life-threatening diseases. Theradex® conducts studies which lead to marketing approval of significant medical advances; and has built a reputation on assuring the scientific objectivity and meticulous quality control that fulfills all regulatory requirements. Our expertise is also available to assist client personnel in expedited development planning and execution. USA NJ Princeton                  
705  Therapeutics, Inc. Dermatology Focus USA CA San Diego C clinical              
706  Tigermed Consulting   China   Shanghai C clinical, DM, biostats, R&D, consulting, regulatory              
707  TKL Research   USA                      
708  TMS Biosceinces patient enrollment and lab services USA LA New Orleans                  
709  TransCom Global With more than 12 years’ experience in all clinical development phases of Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Medical Devices. TransCom Global is a Niche Clinical Research Organization, differentiated from the pack by its company attitude towards our clients, as reflected in our: Israel   Tel Aviv C   Device            
710  Trial Form Support (TFS) Over 470 employees and multiple offices spread throughout Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, the Baltic States, Russia, India, Japan and USA Sweden     C clinical              
711  Trial Management Group   Canada                      
712  Trialog Clinical Trials Trialog Clinical Trials Ltd. was established in 1999 by the Pharm-Up Group, Israels’ leading distributer for the major multinational pharmaceutical companies, to answer the needs of growing clinical trial activities in Israel for a complete range of logistical services. Israel   Petach-Tikva                  
713  Triclinium South Africa South Africa                      
714  Trident Clinical Research New Zealand, Australia, India Australia                      
715  Triesta Science India India   Bangalore                  
716  Trio Clinical Research   USA NC Raleigh                  
717  TTC Philadelphia and London USA PA Philadelphia                  
718  Ultmarc Nihon; Japan Japan                      
719  UMDNJ CRO (University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey) Dental; part of UMDNJ USA NJ                    
720  UniMR   Bulgaria                      
721  Unison Clinical Research (UCR)   USA OH Toledo C clinical       Private      
722  Universal Research Group   Pakistan                      
723  US Oncology US Oncology also has a CRO branch USA TX The Woodlands                  
724  VCRO Taiwan Taiwan                      
725  Vedic Lifesciences They are a small CRO about 20 employees (Jan 2011) this month based out of Mumbai, India.  They have one office in Mumbai and a small unit in Redwood Shores, CA and historically have done pre-clinical trials, Nutraceutical and Cosmecuetical and some clinical trial work from India. India   Mumbai P/C   Neutraceutical, Cosmeceutical India India Private P, I, II, III, IV Neutraceutical, Cosmeceutical  
726  Veeda Clinical Research India India                      
727  Veeda Oncology Columbus Ohio and India, Belgium USA OH Columbus                  
728  Venn Life Sciences Offices in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Netherlands, Switzerland with HQ in Ireland Ireland                      
729  Veristat   USA MA Holliston C clinical              
730  Versagenics North Carolina USA NC                    
731  Vibgyor Scientific Research Phase II – IV India     C clinical              
732  Vimta Labs Limited Vimta Labs is India’s leading contract research and testing organization.  Established in 1984 VIMTA has an envious track record of serving several market leaders across the globe. 
VIMTA is a team of 820 professionals comprising 539 scientists in various disciplines such as Chemistry, Pharma, Medicine, Microbiology, Molecular biology and Informatics. The team is slated to double in next three years. 
VIMTA is a multi-site organization with more than 300,000 sqft world class laboratory facilities.
India   Hyderabad   lab, preclin, clinical, Bioequivalence, BA/BE              
733  Vincro Clinical Management Services, Inc   USA NY Syracuse C clinical              
734  Virtus South Africa South Africa                      
735  Visionar Preclinical Sweden     P preclin              
736  Vital Systems Inc   USA IL Schaumburg                  
737  Vivo Bio Tech Limited preclinical India     P preclin              
738  VPS-CRO (VenturePharm Services)   China     C/P preclin, reg, Phase I – IV, clinical   China     I, II, III, IV    
739  Washington Biotechnology, Inc preclinical only USA     P preclin              
740  Watermark Research Partners   USA IN Indianapolis                  
741  WCCT (West Coast Clinical Trials) Phase I – II USA     C clinical         I, II    
742  Westat employee-owned CRO company USA     C clinical              
743  Winicker Norimed Germany Germany     C clinical, Mon, Biometry, devices, Phase II – IV, DM, non-interventional studies, med writing         II, III, IV    
744  Worldwide Clinical Trials (WWCT, WCT, CEDRA) Clinical Services and Bioanalytics USA PA King of Prussia                  
745  WuXi AppTec WuXi AppTec is a leading global pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device outsourcing company with operations in China and the United States. As a research-driven and customer-focused company, WuXi AppTec provides a broad and integrated portfolio of laboratory and manufacturing services from discovery to commercialization. Our services are designed to help our worldwide customers shorten the time and lower the cost of drug and medical device R&D through cost-effective and efficient outsourcing solutions.  
China       biologics, device, toxicology       Public     was almost bought by Charles River in 2010 but the acquisition fell through
746 Xceleron Bioanalytics only UK     P preclin              
747  Xendo Netherlands Netherlands                      
748  XenoBiotic Laboratories (XBL) PRECLINICAL laboratory USA NJ   P Lab; preclin              
749  Xenotech LLC PRECLINICAL ONLY USA KS Lenexa P preclin              
750  ZeinCRO Greece, Turkey and Cyprus Greece     C clinical              
751  ZM Company Toronto, ON Canada Canada ON Toronto C clinical, PVG              


  A B C D E F G H I J K
1 Country Total Continent                
USA 332 NA   US/Canada 368          
India 78 AS   Europe 215          
UK 41 EU   Asia 134          
Canada 36 NA   Latin America 15          
Germany 32 EU   Africa 9          
France 16 EU   Australia/NZ 2          
China 15 AS image              
Belgium 13 EU                
10  Netherlands 12 EU                
11  Switzerland 12 EU                
12  Japan 11 AS                
13  Italy 10 EU                
14  Russia 9 EU                
15  Argentina 8 LA                
16  Israel 7 AS                
17  Hungary 7 EU                
18  Poland 7 EU                
19  Denmark 6 EU                
20  Greece 6 EU                
21  Sweden 6 EU                
22  South Africa 5 AF                
23  South Korea 5 AS                
24  Australia 5 EU                
25  Bulgaria 5 EU                
26  Czech 5 EU                
27  Pakistan 4 AS                
28  Turkey 4 AS                
29  Croatia 4 EU                
30  Finland 4 EU                
31  Ireland 4 EU                
32  Egypt 3 AF                
33  Taiwan 3 AS                
34  Spain 3 EU                
35  Mexico 3 LA                
36  New Zealand 2 AU                
37  Ukraine 2 EU                
38  Brazil 2 LA                
39  Morocco 1 AF                
40  Indonesia 1 AS                
41  Iran 1 AS                
42  Lebanon 1 AS                
43  Malaysia 1 AS                
44  Singapore 1 AS                
45  Thailand 1 AS                
46  UAE 1 AS                
47  Austria 1 EU                
48  Belarus 1 EU                
49  Lithuania 1 EU                
50  Luxembourg 1 EU                
51  Romania 1 EU                
52  Slovakia 1 EU                
53  Burmuda 1 LA                
54  Peru 1 LA                

Sheet 3

List of Companies
Global Business Insights – (2009) – CRO Market Outlook to 2014  
Global Business Insights – (2006) – CRO Market Outlook  
Frost & Sullivan – (2009) Singapore CRO Market